Elisa Dombrowski, LMFT

Bella – Registered Therapy Dog

2721 East Coast Highway, Suite 209, Corona Del Mar, California 92625
Phone: (949) 735-7890

In Memoriam

Biography: Bella is an Italian Greyhound registered with the Service Animal Registry of America and loves her profession as a therapy dog in my private practice here in Orange County.

Bella assists humans in getting in touch with their emotions and adds additional health benefits with her presence. It is a proven fact that petting a dog will lower your blood pressure and calm your heart rate. There are also studies that indicate petting a dog releases endorphins that can block pain. It is also a proven fact that Bella likes to be petted. Bella’s therapeutic specialties include calming people who are angry, afraid, anxious or depressed.

Outside of the therapeutic environment, Bella can be found riding around in her car seat, sleeping under a soft blanket, walking on the beach or playing with her doggie friends, Tyco and Casio.

Birthday: July 15, 1998
Nicknames: Bella Bing, Super Model, Coffee Bean
Favorite things: Going to therapy, sun bathing, keeping big dogs in check
Dislikes: Being called a whippet, being left home alone
Life goal: She believes that she was born to be a therapy dog
Trade Mark: Pointy nose and long legs
Motto: “Stretching is good for the soul.”

Registered Therapy Dog